[12] 29 Lessons

Give yourself space.


This wasn't what I had scheduled for this week. In fact, this little lesson didn't even make the cut according to my editorial calendar.

But as I struggled to sit down and write--about anything, much less the next post for this series--I just felt suffocated. I didn't have it in me to tend to my blog this week, and so I took a step back. (I didn't use to do this, and I would obsess over it, which seems, frankly, insane now.)

Space isn't just necessary in blog writing. It's not just necessary in careers. It's not only a need of introverts, like me. Space is the break you give yourself when you need to relax. Space is the time to evaluate an emotion, a decision, or even yourself. Sometimes I need this space from work. Sometimes I need it from my kiddos--can I get an amen, mamas? I will even take some space from Trevor now and again, not insinuating that there's a problem, just because it's good to feel independent once in awhile. And if I'm feeling really crazy (which happens sometimes), I take space from myself! I'll turn on a movie or do something physical that removes the opportunity to sit in my own thoughts too long. 

I used to feel guilty about space. I used to think that it was a shortcoming of mine, to not be able to sustain continual interaction. But then I realized how good I feel when I come back. Space unclogs writer's block! It rejuvenates maternal instincts! It reignites a fire in your relationship! And space helps you put things in perspective.

This week, I needed space so I took it. But I felt it deserved to make this list since it's a thing I've matured into doing. It's really one of the most empowering lessons I've learned.