This is what I think of you

And your tender, gorgeous soul

That you count yourself too short

Of what really is your whole


Words fall flat in times like this

(I know, I've felt the same)

But when all the world has let you down

Don't forget he knows your name


It's a name he gave to only you

His daughter imprinted on his hand

He has counted all your hairs and steps

So that they're equal to his plan


He feels for you as I do

(As only your soul's real lovers could)

Recklessly surrender to right now

He makes things happen when they should


Now is not the time to idle

Risking questioning your worth

His time spans past when we can see

Immeasurable on earth


You have purpose beyond your wildest dreams

More than one person can define

We are cheering and eagerly awaiting

The works of your hands, heart, and mind


Rise up now and open your eyes

To the you, you really are

The beautiful girl with the golden soul

Untouched by what could have scarred