Mint Green Walls

She said,

"If we go there, would you buy my a cottage with lots of trees?

And lots of windows to let in sun and breeze?


"Could I paint the walls a shade of mint,

And get vintage furniture in the darkest tint?


"Maybe we could line our shelves with saucers and cups?

Get a fence out back for a couple more pups?


"In the summer, could we go on picnics and walks?

In the winter be cozy and have fireside talks?


"I'd be a little sad to leave the place we're in now;

Even though it's scary, wouldn't we make it somehow?


"And our love wouldn't change,

So we'd be the same,

Just in a different place with a different name?


"Couldn't we make our own little fairy land?"


He smiled and said, "Yes."