Moving People



I saw this on a piece of cardboard, written, probably with a Sharpie, in perfect block letters, and nailed up high on a telephone pole at a corner on Logan. I don't know how long it's been there. This morning, it caught my eye.

Three lines that say so much: Proclaiming Jesus as Lord; acknowledging the need to be saved; identifying Jesus as the one to do that. You grow up in church, you hear about "the sinner's prayer;" it always sounds so flowery when they say it. Why can't it just be this?

But I think what moved me most was the absolute longing weaved into this tiny statement. I can see someone in anguish over the condition of their soul, desiring to have it wiped clean, not knowing exactly how to achieve that.

Then, somewhere, in the pit of them, they think, "I have to write this down." Well, I know that feeling for sure.

They carefully center the words on a piece of cardboard--bold, simple, perhaps all their heart can muster in that moment. But how to get the message to the Lord? They wander about, chewing on the thought, and, spotting the telephone pole, get an idea. Shimmying up the pole, and tacking that sign as high as they could reach, perhaps they felt inches closer to GOD.

It wasn't a piece of cardboard stuck on a dirty telephone pole. It was someone's soul, in an effort to reach a God that, to them, seemed unattainable. Still, something in the realness and sincerity of that prayer makes me think that they're nearer to knowing the Lord than they expect. When your heart is broken and your soul's in need of saving, Jesus is always right there to pick up the pieces. In fact, He probably gave this person a little boost up the telephone pole.

For me, this simple but deep prayer of repentance was a reminder to always put my heart into my words, to write the condition of my soul, and even if it seems too much, to pour it out for others to see. You never know how you'll move someone.