June 23, 2014

The Haps

Hello from our perpetual vacation! Nope. Haven't really shaken the feeling yet. I did get a floor lamp for the living room this week, and I will say that the glow from a floor lamp in your NYC apartment makes a room just as rosy as you imagined it would long before an NYC apartment was your reality. We had cozy nights sitting on the couch, eating ice cream and watching movies by the light of Ikea rather than the street. That's homey! But still. Vacation fo' life!

Not helping the cause (not that I'm complaining): last week I sort of sighed, "I need a spa day." Next thing I knew, Trev was on the phone making secret appointments for secret services; and I spent three hours at the spa yesterday. So things are feeling pretty fine around these parts today. Ask me anything. I'm reeeelaaaxed. Except for my pinky. I sliced my finger on the cheese grater again. This is like a recurring injury for me. Chronic sliced finger? I think it's just a result of clumsiness and eating way too much dairy; but nonetheless, we also picked up a new cheese grater at Ikea.

The Noels continue to frequent the beach. (I don't know why, but I feel it's important that you read that with a British accent? I think I've been watching too much of The Mindy Project, but all the same, in my head I wrote that we fre-QUENT the beach, not that we FREE-qwint the beach. These are the important things.) The girls have still been waking up very early (though I must credit this for my early morning sanity should you be finding yourselves in the same boat); and now that we know Saturday really can begin at 6 am, we've coped by pulling on our suits and hitting the Rockaways before anyone else has opened their eyes. It's a little chilly, but so peaceful and worth it to practically have the beach to ourselves for a few hours. 

Trev and I had a little date night last week, and I'm now forever indebted to the best of the best, my dear friend Chloe. We had a completely lovely time and it was so nice to sort of touch base with each other. "How are you feeling? What do you think about this crazy move now that we're nearly six weeks in?" and etcetera. For your information, there is a place in Cobble Hill called THE CHOCOLATE ROOM, as in the entire menu is constructed from chocolate dishes. So. Just marinate in that fact for a minute.

Iris and Edith continue to dominate the playground scene. I actually mean that in all seriousness--they overwhelm the kids here. I once read that maturity is sort of a prerequisite in the city. And sure, you have the basic idea that kids here are mellow and grown up; but good gracious they wear it on their faces. It's more like early onset New York attitude. Everywhere we go, my girls just assume that all persons under four feet tall are guaranteed friends-to-be-made. It's hysterical and endearing to watch them try to hold hands with kids on the subway or to chase after playmates at the park calling, "Hey, friend!" I'm doing my best to encourage that and to teach them how beautiful they are to be so sparkly and friendly and unbiased. I want that to always stay. 

In all seriousness, as much as I'm becoming aware of just how slowly I'm settling in, I'm kind of glad. I'm not ready to yet abandon the moments of wonder I keep experiencing. It's just a feeling, walking down the right block or heading home in a cab with the windows down--and I'll see something. Or maybe smell it in the air? Feel it in the wind? Hear it in the car next to me that's blasting ridiculous '90s music? Who knows. But there it will be: The absolute awe that this is now my home; that we weren't here and I dreamed of being here and now I am here. It makes my heart leap. It makes me excited for now and for the future--whatever it holds, because clearly we have no way of knowing, but it all works out just fine.

P.S. I worked with Bumblebean to curate a few more collections, Summer in the City and Baby New Yorkers--they're our plans for surviving our first New York summer! 

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  1. Hahahaha - fre-QUENT the beach. I love it! And I'm definitely in this-feels-like-vacation-except-I'm-unpacking-and-that's-weird mode, so I appreciate your perspective. And I love that your girls are the friendly overwhelmers on the playground. Cheers, Noels!

    1. I'm glad we're in the same boat. It is such a weird feeling, isn't it? So glad we have this silly internet to keep each other up on our separate coastal lives.

  2. hooray for (very early) beach days! :)

    1. Hooray and hooray! Maybe as our internal clocks settle (HOPEFULLY??!!!) we'll catch you there one of these weekends.